Build İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce Build kelimesi geçen ingilizce cümle örnekleri. Build ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

Tom is looking for someone to help him build a wall.

I built a house within a stone’s throw of the forest.

If you turn to the left, you’ll see a white building.

The street outside Tom’s apartment building was quiet.

You aren’t permitted to bring dogs into this building.

That tall building across the street is where Tom works.

Tom died trying to save a child from a burning building.

Tom lives on the third floor of this apartment building.

Do you know what to do if there’s a fire in the building?

I never thought it’d be this hard to build a picnic table.

A lot of people living in our building don’t like the owner.

Tom parked as close to Mary’s apartment building as he could.

She greets him every morning as he enters the school building.

Everybody in the building headed for the exits at the same time.

Our company is planning to build a new chemical plant in Russia.

Tom boiled some eggs on the rocket stove that he had just built.

I think it’ll take more than a year to finish building our house.

My office is on the fourth floor of that gray six-story building.

Tom built the house himself along with the help of a few friends.

Tom is good with his hands and has built many interesting things.

Tom said he heard Mary singing this morning behind the school building.

Tom was standing just in front of a large building that was up for sale.

The new station building is under construction and will be completed soon.

Tom and Mary are planning to have a house built after they have their first child.

Tom did everything within his power to save the children that were trapped in the burning building.

Schools were built.

He has a nice build.

I am building a wall.

I built this for you.

This building is new.

John built a bookcase.

The boys built a raft.

The building’s on fire.

I like to build bridges.

I work in this building.

The building is on fire.

This was built long ago.

He built himself a house.

The area is built up now.

Tom was in that building.

We are building a bridge.

Look at that red building.

Not all birds build nests.

Our rocket is being built.

The bookshelf is built in.

They are building a house.

Tom has left the building.

He built forty-eight forts.

I built my son a new house.

I immediately built a fire.

The Allies continued to build up their forces in France.

The structural integrity of the building is compromised.

Tom built a house on the land he bought three years ago.

Tom posed for a picture in front of his office building.

New buildings are being built here, there and everywhere.

In 1958, the statue was built in the Hiroshima Peace Park.

This temple is said to have been built over 500 years ago.

Was this wall built to keep people out or to keep them in?

I thought we’d never get out of the burning building alive.

Men of the rank of captain and below live in this building.

The construction of the building will be started next year.

We were present at the dedication ceremony of the building.

I think this is the most impressive building on Park Street.

This apartment is bigger than any other one in the building.

What does it cost to build a new house in this neighborhood?

He bought the land for the purpose of building a house on it.

I’ll go tell everybody that we need to evacuate the building.

Japanese houses are built of wood and they catch fire easily.

They built their empire in Peru about five hundred years ago.

It was difficult for me to find the entrance to that building.

Relationships built on money will end when the money runs out.

We have less than five minutes to evacuate the whole building.

A successful business is built on careful financial management.

Building materials can include tiles, carpet, blinds and tools.

He bought the land for the purpose of building his house on it.

He’s building up a network of acquaintances outside his office.

Only part of the building has been destroyed by the earthquake.

There’s a laundromat in the basement of our apartment building.

They thought it would be too expensive to build a factory here.

From the top of that tall building, you can easily see the city.

He had the good fortune to be rescued from the burning building.

The only people standing in front of the building are policemen.

There’s a fire in the building. We have to evacuate immediately.

This building looks large from the front, but not from the side.

I managed to find a parking place right in front of the building.

In my neighborhood, houses are now being built one after another.

The fire had spread to the next building before the firemen came.

The people of the village built a wooden bridge across the river.

The teachers could not decide where to build the new schoolhouse.

They built the walls of the fortress without using cement at all.

Tom bought this building with the money his grandfather left him.

They walked with him to an old wooden building near the farmhouse.

He has bought a lot in the suburbs with a view to building a house.

There seems to be a big crowd gathering outside our office building.

How much more money is it going to cost to finish building our house?

Nobody’s going to shed any tears if that old building gets torn down.

You’d better have the land surveyed before you decide to build on it.

You’re the only one who was able to escape from the burning building.

If I had all the time in the world, I’d build a boat and sail to Fiji.

He built hospitals and helped the people of Africa improve their lives.

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