Chance İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce Chance kelimesi geçen ingilizce cümle örnekleri. Chance ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

We hadn’t arranged to meet. We met by chance

Please give me a second chance.

We have a fighting chance here.

We met by chance the other day.

We’ll have to take our chances.

We’ll have to take that chance.

By chance, I found a hot spring.

Can you give Tom another chance?

Give me a chance to talk to Tom.

I had a chance to travel abroad.

We’re going to take our chances.

Are you giving me another chance?

Are you Tim Norton by any chance?

Can we afford to take the chance?

Do we have any chance of winning?

Don’t leave everything to chance.

I go swimming every chance I get.

There is no chance of rain today.

They did not get a chance to try.

They gave him a chance to escape.

This is the chance of a lifetime.

We may never have another chance.

We’ll see you get another chance.

What are my chances of surviving?

Any chance of us getting approved?

Everyone deserves a second chance.

I found this restaurant by chance.

There is a good chance of success.

This is too good a chance to lose.

This is too good a chance to miss.

Tom is giving Mary another chance.

We should give Tom another chance.

By chance, I met her in the street.

Can’t you see it’s our only chance?

He grabbed the chance to get a job.

I met her by chance in the library.

I thought you’d jump at the chance.

Let’s take a chance on the weather.

Please give Tom another chance, OK?

Sometimes you have to take chances.

You have a good chance to get well.

You should make use of this chance.

Are you willing to take that chance?

Can’t you see it’s your only chance?

Did you get a chance to talk to Tom?

I can do it if you give me a chance.

I go ice skating every chance I get.

I had a chance to meet him in Paris.

Our plan hasn’t the ghost of chance.

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