Hurt İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce Hurt kelimesi geçen ingilizce cümle örnekleri. Hurt ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

He was afraid that he might hurt her feelings.

If your tooth hurts, you should see a dentist.

It was not my intention to hurt your feelings.

Let’s quit fighting before somebody gets hurt.

People who hurt children do not deserve mercy.

The light was so bright that it hurt our eyes.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

If you’re not careful, you might hurt yourself.

We were afraid that we might hurt his feelings.

You could’ve seriously hurt yourself yesterday.

You’re going to get hurt if you’re not careful.

My back hurts because I’ve been fishing all day.

Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.

You must try to avoid hurting people’s feelings.

Tom is going to hurt himself if he’s not careful.

You can’t hurt me any more than you already have.

You don’t need to worry about hurting my feelings.

I hurt my eye when my contact slipped out of place.

My stomach hurts. Can I have some stomach medicine?

There were several people hurt in the recent riots.

It hurts to know that everything between us is over.

It looked like Tom had fallen down and hurt himself.

They feared that the dispute would hurt the economy.

I think Tom is hurt. Blood is coming out of his head!

If we’re not careful, one of us is going to get hurt.

Take a few steps and tell me if it hurts when you walk.

Tom was lucky that he didn’t get hurt more than he did.

Ow! Yukiko! That hurts! Quit hitting me with your fists!

She was hurt to find that nobody took any notice of her.

The wound stopped hurting after he put a band-aid on it.

My elbow really hurts. I guess I should go to a hospital.

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to wait for a few more minutes.

I kept riding my bicycle even though my legs were hurting.

Nobody would have gotten hurt if we had been more careful.

Tom never forgave himself for hurting Mary the way he did.

Afraid of hurting his feelings, I didn’t tell him the truth.

I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, and I regret that I did.

I may have hurt your feelings, but such was not my intention.

There’s been an accident. A man is hurt. He’s bleeding badly.

At the end of every day, his back was tired and his legs hurt.

It never occurred to me that my words would hurt her feelings.

Sometimes we lie so that we don’t hurt the feelings of others.

Sometimes we lie to keep from hurting someone else’s feelings.

I would never say anything to intentionally hurt you, you know.

Even though the accident was six months ago, my neck still hurts.

Perhaps I have hurt your feelings, but that was not my intention.

Tom wouldn’t have gotten hurt if he’d been a little more careful.

You don’t have to wince like that. I’ll fix it so it doesn’t hurt.

My throat hurts, and I have a fever. Can I have some cold medicine?

Tom didn’t know how to ask Mary to leave without hurting her feelings.

These shoes are too tight. They hurt.

This hurts more than you can imagine.

You’re not the only one hurting here.

Be careful not to hurt Tom’s feelings.

Did you get hurt in the football game?

Do as I say, and no one will get hurt.

Don’t be alarmed. He’s not hurt badly.

I slipped on the ice and hurt my head.

I would never do anything to hurt you.

It won’t hurt to wait a little longer.

Tom regretted hurting Mary’s feelings.

We were afraid that we might hurt him.

You’re not the only one that was hurt.

I got my left arm hurt in the accident.

“Did it hurt when you fell?” “You bet.”

He did not intend to hurt your feelings.

He hurt himself during yesterday’s game.

I got my right leg hurt in the accident.

It hurts when the other kids ignore you.

Luckily nobody was hurt in the accident.

The last thing I want to do is hurt her.

He fell down on the ice and hurt his leg.

He had his left leg hurt in the accident.

I had my leg hurt while playing football.

I hurt my foot getting in the automobile.

Sometimes, knowing the truth hurts a lot.

Tom could never do anything to hurt Mary.

Your sister didn’t hurt herself, did she?

“Does your throat hurt?” “Yes, a little.”

I wish my back didn’t always hurt so much.

My legs hurt because I walked a lot today.

My throat is hurting and my nose is runny.

The scandal hurt the company’s reputation.

Tom was afraid of hurting Mary’s feelings.

I didn’t say anything to hurt his feelings.

I just meant to scare Tom, not to hurt him.

It is not my intent to hurt you in any way.

Thank God nobody got hurt in this accident.

A hundred people were hurt in a train wreck.

Have I said something to hurt your feelings?

He can’t afford to have his reputation hurt.

I was afraid that I might hurt his feelings.

One of the players was hurt during the game.

I was afraid that it might hurt her feelings.

The tetanus shot hurt more than the dog bite.

Tom got seriously hurt in a traffic accident.

You will hurt yourself if you’re not careful.

Come on, Joe. Just a glass of beer won’t hurt.

He got hurt seriously in the traffic accident.

I hurt my arm while I was doing the housework.

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