If İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce If kelimesi geçen ingilizce cümle örnekleri. If ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

If you haven’t got any cash, you can pay by cheque.

If you teach me your language, I can teach you mine.

If you turn in a test late, it will not be accepted.

If you want a good seat, you should get there early.

If you want to ask me questions about that, you may.

If you want to be free, destroy your television set.

If you want to do a good job, don’t rush through it.

If you want to keep meat for a long time, freeze it.

If you want to sit down, then go ahead and sit down.

If you were footing the bill, you wouldn’t say that.

If you’re smart, you’ll cash out while you’re ahead.

If you’ve got something to say, go ahead and say it.

If your illness becomes worse, call in a specialist.

It is often difficult to see if a ball is in or out.

It would be better if we didn’t attend that meeting.

It would be good if you were to wear summer clothes.

It would have been better if you had left it unsaid.

It would have been better if you had not gone there.

It’s doubtful if we’ll finish in time for Christmas.

It’s too early to tell if we were successful or not.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

No one can master English if he doesn’t make effort.

Perhaps if you told us what you need, we could help.

She looked as if she had been sick in bed for years.

She went over the list to see if her name was there.

That never would’ve happened if Tom hadn’t shown up.

The job will take only five days, if we cut corners.

There is little, if any, difference between the two.

There is little, if any, possibility of his success.

This would never have happened if you’d stayed home.

Tom asked me to ask you if you want to come with us.

Tom doesn’t need to read this if he doesn’t want to.

Tom won’t believe Mary even if she swears it’s true.

We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.

What is the good of having a car if you don’t drive?

What would happen if I stopped taking this medicine?

Who knows what he’ll accomplish if given the chance?

You can buy that dog if you want to. It is for sale.

You can’t get a job if you don’t have useful skills.

You can’t judge a person if you don’t know him well.

You could pass for a teenager if you wore a T-shirt.

You know where to reach me if you have any problems.

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