Stop İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce Stop kelimesi geçen ingilizce cümle örnekleri. Stop ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

stop laughing.

stop talking.

stop scheming?

stop that, please?

stop smoking.

stop this now.

stop calling me that?

stop with the pacing?

stopped smoking last year.

stop listening to it.

stop me.

stop, didn’t I?

stop wasting our time.

stopped singing the song.

stop flirting with my sister.

stop hanging out with losers!

stop showing off your iPhone.

stop. You’re making me blush.


stopped laughing.

stopped taking his pills.

stopped to speak to Mary.

stopped smiling.

stop eating.

stop whenever we want.

stop the bleeding.

stop after Nagoya?

stop doing that.

stopped picking flowers.

stop singing?

stop at the red light?


stopped dead in his tracks.

stopped reading newspapers.

stop doing that.

stop smoking.

stop raining!

stop by.

stop hurting each other.

stop changing channels.

stop singing that song.

stop talking like that.

stopped crying altogether.

stop asking so many questions.

stop talking and listen to me.

stopped and we got on.


stop running.

stop at the next gas station.

stopped crosswise in the middle of the road.

stopped to make speeches in cities along the way.

stop you from doing whatever you want to do.

stop drinking now.

stopped her sewing and picked up her book.

stops completely.

stop inhaling your food. You should eat more slowly.

stop teasing Mary. Can’t you see she’s going to cry?

stopped talking.

stopped what he was doing and looked up at Mary.

stopped taking this medicine?

stop posting private photos on Facebook.

stopped to take a rest.

stopped in many towns and cities to make speeches.

stop their quarrel, but that was not easy.

stopped raining.

stop her from enjoying life.

stop sticking your nose into other people’s business.


stopped suddenly in the middle of the street.

stopped and searched by the police.

stop drinking and reform his behavior.

stopped laughing when he noticed Mary was crying.

stopped, the people welcomed him warmly.


stop you from making a big mistake.

stop taking this medicine.

stop complaining and do the work you were asked to do.

stopped the train from running on time.

stops, I’ll take the dog out for a walk.

stopped resisting, and resigned himself to his fate.


stop treating me like a pet?

stop becoming someone.

stopped suddenly.


stop beating around the bush and tell me what happened.


stop hiring children.

stopped kissing immediately.

stopped himself.

stopped, the tennis match continued.

stopped at the store and got some milk on my way back.

stop reading romance novels.

stop, please keep your seat.

stopped me from going home.

stop beating around the bush and give it to me straight!


It rained for three days without stopping.

Don’t go out in the rain. Wait until it stops.

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