Theatre İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce Theatre kelimesi geçen İngilizce cümle örnekleri. Theatre ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

Every seat in the theatre was taken.

Can you get him to come to the theater?

I’m going to the theater on the corner.

The theater used to stay open till late.

What’s playing at the movie theater now?

What’s playing at the Music Box Theater?

He had fled the theater after the murder.

The movie theater was filled with people.

The theater group performed the new play.

Have you ever screamed in a movie theater?

I have two passes to the Imperial Theater.

I saw Miss Smith in the theater yesterday.

There was a large audience at the theater.

There was a large audience in the theater.

This theater seats several hundred people.

A stream of people came out of the theater.

The restaurant is next door to the theater.

The theater used to stay open all day long.

The theater was slowly filling with people.

There are many movie theaters in this city.

This theater has a seating capacity of 500.

All of us went to the theater to see a play.

I sat behind a very tall man in the theater.

I went to the theater to see a modern drama.

I wish I had gone to the theater last night.

That movie theater always shows good movies.

They had to be turned away from the theater.

We ran out of gas on the way to the theater.

What time are you guys going to the theater?

In the evening, they would go to the theater.

This theater will hold three thousand people.

We are not supposed to drink in this theater.

If she goes to the theater, I’ll stay at home.

I ran into my friend at the theater last night.

I went to the theater early to get a good seat.

We went to the theater early to get good seats.

We’ll dine together and then go to the theater.

He wishes he had gone to the theater last night.

The movie will be showing in this movie theater.

The theater in my neighborhood is being rebuilt.

Tom told me to meet him in front of the theater.

Would you like to go to the theater this evening?

Let us know if anyone else comes into the theater.

The movie is showing in movie theaters next month.

There are a number of movie theaters in this city.

As usual, he was the last to arrive at the theater.

The doorman did not permit me to enter the theater.

A lot of people are coming out of the movie theater.

We waited in the movie theater for the film to start.

Yesterday at this time, we were at the movie theater.

“Superman” is showing at the movie theater this month.

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