This İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce This kelimesi geçen İngilizce cümle örnekleri. This ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

This İle İlgili Cümleler

*** You will get soaked if you go out in this rain.

*** This kind of humor is childish and boring.

*** This party is boring, let’s try to give it a touch of jazz.

*** This party is boring. Let’s rescue her!

*** The accountant checked this unnecessary expense on time.

*** Should I mark this letter to your accountant as “strictly confidential”?

*** This was, for all its manifestations, a millennial group.

*** This is the nature of politics and govemment.

*** This means that zygotes with two dominant genes can not live.

*** This article developed an approach with non-linear regression and polarography.

*** The only exception to this was the Calvinism brought to South Africa by Dutch settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries.

*** This system of duplexing cables has proved remarkably successful.

*** This paper analyzes the cultural theory defended by Matthew Arnold, who is the spokesman for the English middle class and an educator of classicism.

*** In this paper we will discuss two topics: the empirical distribution function of censored data and the linear regression with censored data.

*** This year, the 17-year-old girl ahead of the Taiwanese singer Chou Tzu-yu, which second place, and the Israeli model Yael Shelbia, in the third.

*** At the beginning of this 2019, Akihito wished peace both inside and outside his borders and said “be very happy” to celebrate the new year with his fellow citizens.

*** A new correlation coefficient indicating goodness of fit for the regression line will still be presented in this document.

*** However, he slightly modified this position in his recent writings, as we shall see shortly.

*** This is the third year that the botanical garden exhibits them.

*** I consider this an absolute necessity.

*** It was an absolute hell to try to finish this report on time.

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