Write İle İlgili Cümleler


İçinde İngilizce Write kelimesi geçen İngilizce cümle örnekleri. Write ile ilgili cümleler, cümle kurma örnekleri.

Write İle İlgili Cümleler

Do you write short stories?

He wrote away for a sample.

I helped write that report.

I started writing the book.

I want to write an article.

I will write you back soon.

I wrote a book about China.

She is also writing a book.

She started writing novels.

She writes about Sri Lanka.

She wrote me a long letter.

Tom didn’t write Mary back.

Tom liked to write stories.

Tom wrote about his family.

We learn to read and write.

Yesterday I wrote to Ellen.

You write better than I do.

Do I have to write a letter?

Do you think Tom wrote this?

Don’t forget to write to me.

Don’t forget to write to us.

He is busy writing a letter.

He will be writing a letter.

He writes to me once a week.

He wrote a book about birds.

He wrote a book about China.

I have never written a play.

I was too busy to write you.

I will write to him at once.

I wrote a letter in English.

I wrote a letter last night.

I wrote it down on a napkin.

I wrote where I was working.

I’ll write a letter to Mary.

Is it so difficult to write?

Last night I wrote a letter.

Marco thinks he writes well.

My hobby is writing stories.

Please write a letter to me.

Please write down your name.

Put the question in writing.

She wrote down what he said.

The child is writing a book.

Tom has been writing a book.

What is written in the book?

Who wrote these two letters?

write carefully and legibly.

write your name and address.

You need written permission.

Can you write your name here?

[S] [T] I have just written a letter to him.

I was writing a letter when he came.

I write in the morning and at night.

I wrote a couple of songs last week.

I wrote a lot in my diary yesterday.

I wrote off for an application form.

I’m writing a letter to my daughter.

I’ve just finished writing a letter.

In the morning, I write in the park.

Mrs. Brown wrote a book on politics.

Please write down your home address.

She encouraged him to write a novel.

She saw my name written on the wall.

Stop writing and hand your paper in.

Tell her that I am writing a letter.

The novels he wrote are interesting.

This is nothing to write home about.

Tom took a year off to write a book.

We will teach him to read and write.

Will you write with a ballpoint pen?

write the answer in English, please.

write with a pen, not with a pencil.

Arabic is written from right to left.

At night, I write in the living room.

Did she write in her diary yesterday?

Do you like the poem I wrote for you?

He is writing to some friends of his.

I don’t know how to write in English.

I have written down his phone number.

I want something with which to write.

I will write to you as soon as I can.

I would like him to write more often.

I’ll write you or call you next week.

It took me several hours to write it.

Mako cannot have written this letter.

Many novels have been written by him.

No one I know writes letters anymore.

Nothing is written on the helicopter.

Please write to me from time to time.

Please write your name with a pencil.

She was hard at work writing letters.

She will write a letter after school.

She writes to her son every so often.

This book is written in easy English.

This is a novel written by Hemingway.

Tom kept every letter Mary wrote him.

When he came, I was writing a letter.

write to me as soon as you get there.

You should put your ideas in writing.

Ann wrote something on the blackboard.

He doesn’t know how to write a letter in English.

He gave us an essay to write during the vacation.

He is writing the manuscript over and over again.

He never fails to write to his mother every week.

He never fails write to his parents once a month.

He was writing a letter while listening to music.

He wrote her a long letter, which he didn’t mail.

How many Christmas cards did you write last year?

I appreciate that you have not had time to write.

I have to finish writing the book I’m working on.

I have to write a letter. Do you have some paper?

I must write down his address before I forget it.

I received a letter written in English yesterday.

I told my son in Canada to write me more letters.

I was unable to write down the number of the car.

I wrote my name on the cover of all my notebooks.

I’ll give you the article I wrote on that matter.

If she knew your address, she would write to you.

John writes a letter to his parents once a month.

My sister never fails to write home once a month.

Not knowing his address, she didn’t write to him.

She wrote down the name and address as requested.

That’s the computer he used to write the article.

The mayor didn’t like what the journalists wrote.

The teacher wrote French words on the blackboard.

They paid him to write a letter to the president.

Tom and Mary sang the song they had just written.

Tom wanted to write Mary a song for her birthday.

“Did he write a letter yesterday?” “Yes, he did.”

Did Tom tell you what was written in the notebook?

He didn’t know Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

He made a fortune by writing a best selling novel.

He never fails to write to his mother every month.

I am going to write about our parks and mountains.

I have forgotten to bring something to write with.

I noticed the sale prices were written in red ink.

I wanted the teacher to write a letter in English.

I wrote down his phone number on a scrap of paper.

I wrote him a letter asking him to come home soon.

I’m busy with writing letters and giving speeches.

It was not so simple to write a letter in English.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.

Let me write you a prescription for some medicine.

Not only did he teach school, but he wrote novels.

She continued writing in her diary until she died.

The car and seat number are written on the ticket.

The truth is that he didn’t write a letter to her.

Tom wrote his name on the dust-covered windshield.

What’s the point of writing something on the roof?

He makes it a rule to write in his diary every day.

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